Nysa Recreation Centre

Skorochów www.nor.nysa.pl
tel.: 77 433 20 26

The centre is located right upon the lake. Here, there are cottages, campsite and sports grounds. Upon the very lake, we may rent water sports equipment. There is also a yacht port. We may also use the centre during the winter season. In the summer, numerous cultural, sports and recreational events are organised here.

Recommended trips

8:00 h 9.2 km

Trail of High Ramparts and Outer Jerusalem Ramparts

The trip starts from the St. Hedwig Bastion, then we go north, towards the High Ramparts. It is a line of ramparts consisting of five bastions and four curtains. The first structure on our way...

1:30 h 900 m

Nature and Educational Path – Siestrzechowice

The path is located in Siestrzechowice situated a few kilometres away from Nysa and is marked out along the embankment of Lake Nyskie. It is located in the Natura 2000 protected site. Along the...

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