The very attractive location of Nysa makes it a unique place creating unlimited possibilities for spending free time. This town is located near the Czech border and the Opawskie Mountains, which are a part of the Eastern Sudety Mountains. We may travel along the mountain trails both on foot and by bike and their diversified difficulty makes it possible both for families with children as well as for demanding roamers to take wonderful trips. This is a perfect place for practising winter sports. On the Czech side, we may expect many picturesque places, inter alia, the Vincent Priessnitz Sanatorium with numerous walking paths, the peat bog reserve in Rejviz, caves in Špicak and Pomezí, and, first of all, lots of trails and mountain lifts along the range of Zlaté Hory. Nysa is also situated upon the wonderful lake created on the Nysa River. This reservoir has become an ideal place for practising water sports, sunbathing or angling. The rich accommodation and recreational offer makes this place vibrant with life even off-season. In Nysa itself, there are numerous monuments from various historical periods and representing various architectural styles as well as interesting routes in the footsteps of the prominent inhabitants of Nysa. In the town, open-air events are organised, inter alia, the Days of the Nysa Stronghold, sports tournaments, music festivals of the Days of Nysa. The town has also the rich accommodation, cultural and recreational offer. In the vicinity, there are horse stables, agri-tourism farms and in Nysa itself – swimming pools and sports halls.

Recommended trips

4:00 h 5.4 km

Trail of of Remembrance and Gratitude

The route starts on the market in Nysa and leads to the Złotogłowice Grove situated away from the town. We start from the Baptistery at the St. Jacob and St. Agnes Basilica, which, after the...

8:00 h 9.2 km

Trail of High Ramparts and Outer Jerusalem Ramparts

The trip starts from the St. Hedwig Bastion, then we go north, towards the High Ramparts. It is a line of ramparts consisting of five bastions and four curtains. The first structure on our way...

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