Szpula Music Club

Nysa , al. Lompy 3
tel.: 77 433 39 52

The Szpula Club is located in the building of the Cinema N 3D in the park at al. Lompy. Here, numerous music and dancing events are held, inter alia, karaokeand nights with DJ sets.

Recommended trips

5:00 4.8 km

Trail of temples of Silesian Rome

Visiting Silesian Rome, as Nysa used to be called in the past, allows us to move back in time and during one day admire the temples built in various architectural styles. Out trip starts on the...

3:00 2.2 km

Trail of Eichendorff

Joseph von Eichendorff, the great German poet of the age of Romanticism, spent the last years of his life in Nysa and was buried here. The trail leads along the path, which, according to the...

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