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Recommended places

Holy Cross Church

The first mentions of the church date back to 1341. Initially, it was a wooden chapel with a hermitage, which was demolished in 1633. In its place, in 1639, a brick church was built. The church is...


The Southern Tower was a part of the curtain walls from the 14 th century which protected the Bishops’ Court. The Court had its own fortifications, it was also protected by the curtain walls of...

Redos Restaurant

The restaurant is located in the basement part. It may accommodate about 90 people. In addition, Redos has a banquet room for 130 people, where it is possible to organise various...

Recommended trips

4:00 5.4 km

Trail of of Remembrance and Gratitude

The route starts on the market in Nysa and leads to the Złotogłowice Grove situated away from the town. We start from the Baptistery at the St. Jacob and St. Agnes Basilica, which, after the...

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