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Recommended places

Pychotka Restaurant

Here, traditional Polish dishes are served. A big advantage of Pychotka , apart from tasty dishes, are attractive prices of meals. We can eat here lunch, breakfast and dinner.

Bistro Madame Restaurant

Until recently, the restaurant has been called “Pod Aniołami”, however, it underwent changes as part of the Magda Gessler’s “Kitchen Revolutions” TV show. Now, in the menu we may find French...

Post Office No 3

The Post Office No 3 is located at ul. Piłsudskiego 31a. The entrance to the building is located below the flyover.

Recommended trips

8:00 15.0 km

Trail of Blessed Maria Luisa Merkert

Blessed Maria Luisa Merkert was the foundress of the order serving the sick and the poor. The trail refers to the places where she lived and, together with the nuns, helped the sick and those...

6:00 10.7 km

Trail of Nysa castles and fortresses

The trail is perfectly suited for a day-long hiking or cycling trip. We start and finish our trip at the St. Hedwig Bastion. Still in the centre, we may admire the buildings of the Bishops’...

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