Fort Prussia

Nysa , Obrońców Tobruku
tel.: 694 228 155; 694 555 768

The fort shaped as a five-pointed star is surrounded by a dry moat. Inside, there is a two-tier dungeon. The fort was built in the years 1743-1745 on the northern bank of Nysa Kłodzka. Its task was to protect the places from which it was possible to fire at the city. In the 70s of the 18th century, the counter-mine galleries were developed and three fleches were erected. Since 1859, the fort has been used as a prison.

Recommended trips

3:00 h 2.6 km

Trail of Eichendorff

Joseph von Eichendorff, the great German poet of the age of Romanticism, spent the last years of his life in Nysa and was buried here. The trail leads along the path, which, according to the...

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