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Recommended places

Restaurant – Europejski Hotel

The restaurant is located in the Europejski Hotel. The kitchen serves European dishes. For the youngest customers, the restaurant has prepared a special menu and a play area. In the restaurant,...

Ziębice Tower

The gate tower, which was a part of the city fortifications from the 14 th century. It was built in 1350 in the Gothic style. This is a four-storey brick building. It was elevated in the 16 th...

Eichendorff’s Monument

The bust of Joseph von Eichendorff is located near the former place of residence of the poet.  

Our Lady of Fidelity and St. Roch Church

The church was built in 1835. It is a branch of the St. Dominic parish in Nysa. In the years 1984-1986, the temple was restored. Initially, it was the St. Urban Church.