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Recommended places

The Nysa Kłodzka river

The Nysa Kłodzka river flows in the Śnieżnik Massif, flows through Kłodzko and Bardo Śląskie, where its course is considered one of the most beautiful in the Sudetes, then the Nysa land reservoirs...

Mustafa Kebab. Original Turkish kebab

Mustafa Kebab recommends the original Turkish kebab. You can buy a rolled kebab, in a roll, in a box or on a plate. Mustafa Kebab also offers, among others dishes with chicken, lamb and...

Indoor swimming pool

The indoor swimming pool has a swimming pool with the dimensions 25 m x 12.5 m and with the depth of 1.35 m to 1.95 m. There are six separate tracks there. In addition, there is also a recreational...


Fanaberia is a meeting place for the best coffee of the specialty segment and breakfasts served all day. Every day, new lunches and fancy cups full of delicious things. And of course, the power...

Recommended trips

3:00 h 2.6 km

Trail of Eichendorff

Joseph von Eichendorff, the great German poet of the age of Romanticism, spent the last years of his life in Nysa and was buried here. The trail leads along the path, which, according to the...