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Recommended places

Maria Luisa Merkert’s Tomb

The Maria Luisa Merkert’s tomb is located in the Jerusalem Cemetery.

Exaltation of the Cross Church

The first mentions of the church, probably wooden, come from the 13 th century. In the 15 th century, the church was built in the late-Gothic style but soon it was destroyed in a fire. The...

Kazamaty Pub & Restaurant

The Kazamaty Pub and Restaurant are located in the St. Hedwig Bastion. The menu offers a wide range of meat dishes, soups, fish, as well as drinks, wines and non-alcoholic drinks....

Recommended trips

5:00 h 4.8 km

Trail of temples of Silesian Rome

Visiting Silesian Rome, as Nysa used to be called in the past, allows us to move back in time and during one day admire the temples built in various architectural styles. Out trip starts on the...

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