Civic Budget - what ideas were submitted?

7 applications were submitted as part of this year's edition of the participatory budget of the Nysa Commune. Residents applied, inter alia, for financing integration events in individual city districts, providing additional educational activities for 8-year and high school graduates, or for the construction of a playground in the former training ground and Górna Wieś.

Old Skorokhov versus new Skorokhov. This is one of the ideas that was influenced by the residents' initiative. Sports competitions for families would be held at the WOPR hostel. It was also requested, inter alia, o organizing Midsummer Night, expanding recreational infrastructure elements and installing monitoring in several village councils, creating a miniature trail of Nysa, or organizing a concert on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the conservation of the church in Goświnowice. - It is worth emphasizing the variety of tasks, and thus the needs of the inhabitants - says Piotr Bobak, Secretary of the City. - This is another edition in which we have a division into urban and rural areas.

One of the leaders submitted a project of intuitive painting classes for Seniors to the Civic Budget. The proposed location is Nysa DDP or Jarnołtówek. As every year, there were also typical investment tasks. We are talking about the installation of solar street lighting at ul. Kasztanowa in Skorochów, construction of a kiss and ride stop at ul. Sudecka, the construction of a beach volleyball court at Rodziewiczówny, or the construction of a hardened passage through Plac Paderewski. In turn, the residents of the city center want to build dedicated closed garbage cans. The idea of ​​architectural illumination of the Minor Basilica and the Belfry is also interesting.

A novelty this year is the possibility of co-financing various types of events. In addition to those mentioned, applications were submitted for support for the second edition of the family picnic at the FSD, the foot rally "Nysa - Silesian Rome - 799 years of existence", or the children's day at the new pumptrack and the Australian football Nysa Cup tournament. One of the initiators also applied for the installation of a zip-line on the Water Tower, connecting the facility with Fort Prussia. Another idea for active leisure is to build another street workout park in Nysa. The proposed investment is ul. Brodziński.

After verification of the submitted applications, the commune will present an official list. The residents' vote is scheduled for February 4-21, 2022. The final results will be announced on March 10 next year.