"VITA" SP.Z O.O. Primary health care center

Nysa , ul. Piłsudskiego 47
tel.: Poradnia ogólna 77 433 34 76, 506-353-441, Poradnia dziecięca 77 409 39 50, 506-142-117, Wewnętrzny rejejestracja 31

VITA has a primary health care certificate issued by the Minister of Health. There are offices in the clinic: Healthy children clinic Clinic for sick children Internal Medicine Clinic Community Nurses Health Promotion Office Neurological outpatient clinic Neurologopedic outpatient clinic Otolaryngology outpatient clinic Dental clinic Rehabilitation clinic Private gynecological offices

Recommended trips

1:30 h 889 m

Nature and Educational Path – Siestrzechowice

The path is located in Siestrzechowice situated a few kilometres away from Nysa and is marked out along the embankment of Lake Nyskie. It is located in the Natura 2000 protected site. Along the...