Monument to Jerzy Kozarzewski

Nysa , Kolejowa 15

The monument in the form of a bench of Jerzy Kozarzewski was created in September 2021. Cast in bronze, it commemorates the cursed soldier in Nysa, a poet, a descendant of Cyprian Kamil Norwid. Jerzy Kozarzewski is a Warsaw insurgent, a prisoner of the Mauthausen concentration camp. The Cursed Soldier, member of the National Armed Forces and the Lizard Union. After the war, he was sentenced to death, changed into prison, thanks to Julian Tuwim's intercession. After he left, he went to Nysa, where he was the first director of a music school. He made his debut as a poet in 1992. He died in Warsaw in 1996. The author of the monument to Jerzy Kozarzewski at the municipal council in Nysa is prof. Marian Molenda.

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