Pomniki przyrody

It is a legally protected creation of nature, especially valuable for scientific, historic, cultural and other reasons. Monuments of animate nature include: individual shrubs, trees and groups of trees of old age, size, unusual shapes or other features, as well as historic tree alleys. We have 21 animated nature monuments in the Nysa Commune. In the city, these are: pendulous beech, English oak, Scots pine and exotic Japanese ginkgo (ginkgo biloba). In the villages of the Nysa commune: 3 sessile oaks, 2 common beeches, 11 pedunculate oaks with a circumference of 330 to 470 cm, forming an oak avenue lying between the village of Podkamień and Biała Nyska, and a pear tree in Hajduki Nyskie, with a circumference of 323 cm, height 10 m about 190 years old.