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Eichendorff’s Monument

The bust of Joseph von Eichendorff is located near the former place of residence of the poet.  

Eichendorff Gazebo

The observation gazebo was located on the Chalottenhöhe Hill. It was a place frequently visited by the poet, Joseph von Eichendorff. As a result of hostilities, the gazebo was destroyed and a...

Education Authority in Opole, Branch in Nysa

The Nysa Branch of the Education Authority in Opole is located at ul. Kolejowa, in the Municipal Office’s building.

Dormitory, Building DS

The Dormitory is located close to the teaching points and the centre of the city. In the Dormitory, there are single, double rooms and triple rooms, with the free Internet available in each of...

Dominican monastery

It was built in the years 1784-1788, along with the St. Dominic Church. The initiator of the construction was Bishop of Wrocław, Philipp Gotthard von Schaffgotsch. The Dominicans managed the...

District Starosty

The building is the seat of the district authorities of Nysa. The starosty is in charge of the following communes: Nysa, Głuchołazy, Korfantów, Kamiennik, Łambinowice, Skoroszyce, Paczków,...

District Sanitary Epidemiological Station in Nysa

It covers, inter alia , the nearby towns such as Głuchołazy, Otmuchów, Paczków oraz Korfantów. PSSE is divided into separate Departments, inter alia , the Epidemiological Department, whose task...

District Roads Administration in Nysa

The area of activities of the District Roads Administration includes the network of roads in the administrative area of the communes: Nysa, Głuchołazy, Kamiennik, Korfantów, Łambinowice, Otmuchów,...

District Public Prosecutor’s Office in Nysa

The District Public Prosecutor’s Office in Nysa is seated at ul. Bohaterów Warszawy 32