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Recommended places

Tank Motel

The Tank Motel is located at the Shell petrol station. It has three double rooms and one quadruple room. The bathrooms are located in the corridor. In front of the motel, there is a parking lot.

Our Lady of Fidelity and St. Roch Church

The church was built in 1835. It is a branch of the St. Dominic parish in Nysa. In the years 1984-1986, the temple was restored. Initially, it was the St. Urban Church.

Rooms – Hnatyszyn Marian and Krystyna

There are double rooms for rent in Skorochów. The rooms are located in close proximity to Lake Nyskie.

Recommended trips

5:00 4.8 km

Trail of temples of Silesian Rome

Visiting Silesian Rome, as Nysa used to be called in the past, allows us to move back in time and during one day admire the temples built in various architectural styles. Out trip starts on the...

3:00 2.2 km

Trail of Eichendorff

Joseph von Eichendorff, the great German poet of the age of Romanticism, spent the last years of his life in Nysa and was buried here. The trail leads along the path, which, according to the...

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