St. Hedwig Bastion

Nysa , Piastowska 19
tel.: 77 433 49 71

The first fortifications in Nysa were built in the 16th century according to the design by Johanes Shneider from Lindau. In the year 1643, the fortifications were rebuilt according to the rules of the Old-Dutch school. The works were supervised by the engineers: until 1654 – J. Altenberger, and in the years 1698-1772 - J. von Rottenberg. In the 18th century, the bastion was rebuilt by the Prussians. In 1771, the stone and brick dungeons were built, partially covered by an external embankment. At the beginning of the 19th century, the bastion was used as a place to prepare the ammunition during the siege by the Napoleon’s troops and in 1870 it was a prison for the French prisoners, later on served as the barracks. Now, after total renovation, it has become a tourist attraction and a place of cultural events.