Belfry of St. James

Nysa , Plac Katedralny
tel.: 609064720
The belfry was built in the years 1474-1516. This is the late-Gothic, four-storey building. From 1516 to 1945, the bells were installed on each storey. The largest, St. Jacob Bell, weighing 8,200 kg and with a diameter of 225 cm, was cast in 1494 by Bartłomiej Lindenradt. In 1945, a fire devoured the entire interior, which was rebuilt in the second half of the 20th century. On three storeys, there is the St. Jacob’s treasury with an exhibition of, inter alia, historic works of Nysa goldsmiths. The oldest exhibits include, inter alia, the pax reliquary from 1489. The belfry belongs to the St. Jacob parish church, which in 2011, by the ordinance of the President of the Republic of Poland, was inscribed on the list of historic monuments.