Beautiful Well

Nysa , Wrocławska

It was established in 1686, founded by the Mayor of Nysa, Kaspar Naas. The Baroquewrought grille is the work by the then supervisor of the arsenal and the mint, Wilhelm Helleweg. It was to protect the water in the well against being intentionally poisoned by the Swedes during the thirty years’ war. The well served the residents until the end of the 19th century. It has been repeatedly renovated. The grille of more than five meters is crowned by the double-headed Habsburg eagle. The boarding is made of Sławniowice marble.

Recommended trips

1:30 h 772 m

Ornithological path in Nysa

The ornithological path runs along the bank of Nysa Kłodzka and is particularly worth walking due to its natural values and the immediate proximity of the monuments of Nysa. Along the one...