Monument to Stanisław Kramarczyk

Nysa , ul. Biskupa Jarosława 11

In October 2007, in the hall of the County Museum in Nysa at ul. Bishop Jarosław, the bust of Stanisław Kramarczyk was officially unveiled. The figure in marble was sculpted by Marek Rostecki - then a student of the Monument Conservation Institute of the State Higher Vocational School in Nysa as his diploma thesis under the supervision of prof. Marian Molenda. In June 2015, the bust of Stanisław Kramarczyk was moved to a place more accessible to the city's inhabitants - to the square opposite the entrance gate of the Museum. The pedestal on which the sculpture stands is the original granite base of the former gas street lamp from Nysa. Stanisław Kramarczyk was a respected architect. He arrived in Nysa in May 1945. His main task was to collect and secure the scattered collections of the Museum of Art and Antiquities, which burned down in March 1945. The new museum facility began work in the building at ul. Marcinkowski two years later. He protected the most valuable historic buildings of the city from complete destruction, which exposed the authorities of the time to this. The victim was forced to leave Nysa.