Natura 2000 area "Przyłęk on Biała Głuchołaska"

The area of ​​166 ha, established in 2011. Located in the foothills of the Opawskie Mountains, it occupies an isolated complex of riparian forest, oak-hornbeam forest and willow thickets, as well as a well-preserved section of the Biała Głuchołaska River with dynamically occurring channel processes (naturalization of the channel). The subject of protection here is: - Central European and subcontinental oak-hornbeam forest, - willow, poplar, alder and ash riparian forests as well as spring alders, - riparian oak-tie-ash forests. With willow and poplar riparian forests, mountain and riverside herb plants form dense complexes. Moreover, in the Biała Głuchołaska river flowing through this area, there is a fully developed community of hairy plants. Avifauna in the refuge is represented by, among others: - red nightingale, robin, forest and garden creeper, wren, siskin (or), primrose, long-tailed bird, mourning and white-necked flycatcher, songbird, cuckoo, jay; - woodpeckers also known as "tree surgeons": black woodpecker, large, medium, green, spine woodpeckers; - wood-crested woodland, oriole called by the people "zofia" because it arrives on May 15 on Zofia's day, and a lonely wader, a misfit among other waders, which nests in trees, laying eggs in the inactive nests of thrushes and raven birds.

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