The Nysa Kłodzka river

The Nysa Kłodzka river flows in the Śnieżnik Massif, flows through Kłodzko and Bardo Śląskie, where its course is considered one of the most beautiful in the Sudetes, then the Nysa land reservoirs and flows into the Oder, reaching 189 km in length. It is stocked with, among others zander, barbel and mumps, which foraging sets its head against the current of the water. On this river, it also builds its nests, intricately woven from bast, bark or thin willow twigs, filling the walls with plant fluff from blooming poplars, willows and calamus. The sockets resemble pouches with a long inlet tunnel. An interesting fact is that in the old days the nests of the fire station were used as slippers for children. In terms of birdlife, the section of the Nysa River from the dam to the Rochus district in winter is interesting. Here we can meet wintering herds of mallard, coot, merganser, goldeneye, white-tailed swans, mute swans, black cormorants, and single individuals or pairs of blueberry, teal, weevil, weevil, moose, grebe, Canadian goose and kingfisher.