Obelisk upamiętniający jeńców duńskich w Nysie

Nysa , Aleja Duńczyków

An interesting memento of the Prussian-Danish war of 1864 are traces of the Danes in Nysa. About 400 Danes went to the fortress in Nysa at that time. They were held in the Prussian fort. During the captivity, they were sent to work on fortifications and other liquidation works in the foreground. They built, among others an avenue along a fragment of a fortress moat. In 1864, in the north-west part of the garrison cemetery, three Danish soldiers who died of disease were buried: Hemming Christian Pedersen, Peder Larsen Overgaard, and Rasmus Markvardsen. The Danish government in 1866 placed three marble tombstones at the burial place of its citizens, which, unfortunately, have not survived to this day.

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3:00 h 2.6 km

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