Recommended places

AZS Sports Hall, Building X

This is the place where numerous sporting events are held. The AZS PWSZ School Club was formed in 2002. Its sections include, inter alia , basketball, football, martial arts, water sports...

City Hospital – Emergency Department

The Blessed Maria Merkert City Hospital was built in 1908 according to the design by the architect from Wrocław, Wahlich. The Emergency Department is located in the Building A. This department is...

Ali Baba Kebab & Pizza

Ali Baba serves original Turkish dishes. In the menu, we will find, inter alia , such dishes as kebab, yufka, lahmacun, pizza, salads or lunches. The bar consists of spacious rooms, where all...

Recommended trips

8:00 9.2 km

Trail of High Ramparts and Outer Jerusalem Ramparts

The trip starts from the St. Hedwig Bastion, then we go north, towards the High Ramparts. It is a line of ramparts consisting of five bastions and four curtains. The first structure on our way...

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