Paderewski Square

Nysa , Plac Paderewskiego

Paderewski Square is the place where, until 1883, Bastion IV, part of the Nysa fortifications, was located. During the Third Silesian Uprising in 1921, there was a camp in this place with fighters imprisoned by the German authorities for the return of Upper Silesia to the motherland. On the 60th anniversary of the Uprising, an obelisk was unveiled commemorating this fact, which is still there. In the central point of the square there is a gazebo which serves as a stage for, among others, for artistic performances. Every year, including in the summer, open-air music concerts are held every Sunday. On Paderewski Square, you can see 14 sculptures of characters from fairy tales and legends of the Polish-Czech border. The figures are made of red oak, imported from North America. The author of the sculptures is the artist from Nysa, Stanisław Kilarecki. A wooden trunk with hollow hollows is a kind of open-air library. Residents "in the hollow" can drop the books that are in their home libraries and take something else.