Monument to the Home Army Soldiers

Nysa , ul. Kolejowa 2

The monument is a contemporary object created on the initiative of the World Union of Soldiers of the Home Army. Approved by the resolution no. LVI / 384/94 of the City Council in Nysa of May 20, 1994 in the case of the obelisk commemorating the 50th anniversary of "Czas Burzy" The monument is a stone obelisk. There is a plaque with a commemorative inscription "God - Honor - Fatherland". Forged sword with a military eagle in a crown, next to it an inscription: "On the 50th Anniversary of the Time of the Storm 1944-1994 to the Fallen Soldiers of the Home Army to the Defenders of the Fatherland in Homage to the Society of the City of Nysa" The Home Army Cross of Merit in the center The patronage over the monument is held by the World Union of Home Army Soldiers

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