„Carolinum” College

Nysa , Jana III Sobieskiego 2
tel.: 77 433 33 31

The Jesuit College was built in the years 1669-1671, founded by Bishop Karol Ferdynand. It was established as a continuation of the St. Anne Seminary destroyed during the thirty years’ war. The construction of the Baroque college is attributed to Peter Schuller. In the years 1722-1725, the gymnasium was built, so was a gateway connecting both buildings. Despite the dissolution of the order in 1773, King Frederick II allowed the Jesuits to stay there. As late as in 1810, the Jesuits left the College as a result of Prussian secularisation. Then, the school was converted into the Royal Catholic gymnasium. In 1924, the College was renamed “Carolinum” in honour of the founder of the St. Anne Seminary – Charles of Austria. Now, it is the seat of the High School No 1 and PWSZ in Nysa.

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