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Recommended places

Dinners at Asia's

Fresh, home-made dinners with delivery. The menu is updated daily.

Cross and Active Nysa

It is a place created with passion and love for physical activity, staffed by trainers who have completed numerous courses and schools, conducting fully professional and safe training. Classes...

Agency for Restructuring and Modernisation of Agriculture in Nysa

ARiMR was established in 1994, and its objective is to support the development of agriculture and rural development. The ARiMR Branch in Nysa is seated at ul. Marcinkowskiego 2-4.

Eichendorff Gazebo

The observation gazebo was located on the Chalottenhöhe Hill. It was a place frequently visited by the poet, Joseph von Eichendorff. As a result of hostilities, the gazebo was destroyed and a...

Recommended trips

1:30 h 772 m

Ornithological path in Nysa

The ornithological path runs along the bank of Nysa Kłodzka and is particularly worth walking due to its natural values and the immediate proximity of the monuments of Nysa. Along the one...