Recommended places

District Public Prosecutor’s Office in Nysa

The District Public Prosecutor’s Office in Nysa is seated at ul. Bohaterów Warszawy 32

Kamień 60th anniversary of the Third Silesian Uprising

A stone with a commemorative plaque, above the plaque there is an eagle of the Silesian Piasts. Text on the blackboard: “During the Third Silesian Uprising in 1921 there was a camp in...

Krzyże pokutne w Jędrzychowie

Penance crosses were placed by the murderer as a result of the so-called conciliation agreement with the family of the deceased. This custom came to our lands from the west in the Middle Ages...

Monument to the Home Army Soldiers

The monument is a contemporary object created on the initiative of the World Union of Soldiers of the Home Army. Approved by the resolution no. LVI / 384/94 of the City Council in Nysa of May...