A new nursery will be opened soon

December 23, 2021, 1:06 PM

January 19, 2022 the official opening of a new nursery in Nysa will take place. Lots of space, modern solutions, a safe playground, monitoring of all rooms - these are just some of the advantages of an institution attended by hundreds of children. The nursery is located in a large, one-story,...

Civic Budget - what ideas were submitted?

December 23, 2021, 12:40 PM

7 applications were submitted as part of this year's edition of the participatory budget of the Nysa Commune. Residents applied, inter alia, for financing integration events in individual city districts, providing additional educational activities for 8-year and high school graduates, or for the...

Recommended places

District Police Station in Nysa

The District Police Station is seated at ul. Armii Krajowej 11. The building of the prevention department is located at ul. Armii Krajowej 28.

Christoph Scheiner Main Building, Building A

The Main Building houses, inter alia , Dean’s Office No. 1, Institute of Computer Science, Institute of Management, Institute of Finance, Institute of Jazz as well as the Library. The Main...

Recommended trips

1:30 h 772 m

Ornithological path in Nysa

The ornithological path runs along the bank of Nysa Kłodzka and is particularly worth walking due to its natural values and the immediate proximity of the monuments of Nysa. Along the one...