Trail of monuments

Distance: 1.9 km Duration: 6:30 h

We start our hiking trip from a visit to the Gothic Annunciation of Mary Church at ul. Celna. Then, we go to ul. Sobieskiego to admire the Baroque building of the former Jesuit gymnasium as well as the Motherhouse of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Elisabeth built in the Classicist style. On the Salt Market, on the left we will see the early-Baroque edifice of the former St. Anne Seminary and straight ahead, the former Jesuit church – currently, the Assumption of Mary Church. Then, we go down ul. Grodzka, where on the right side we pass the Baroque Bishops’ Court and on the left the Baroque building of the Bishops’ Palace. Then, at the corner of ul. Wałowa and ul. Grodzka, we may admire the former seat of the Prussian headquarters, the so-called Commandant’s House. At the corner of ul. Wałowa and ul. Teatralna, we will see the historic bourgeois house called Canon’s Residence. Next, we go towards ul. Wrocławska and pass the former St. Barbara Church, currently belonging to the Evangelists, in order to admire the white Wrocławska Tower which used to be a part of the fortifications. When heading for the market, it is worth stopping for a while to take a look at the masterpiece of the blacksmith’s art which the grille of the “Beautiful Well” undoubtedly is. On the left side of the well, we will see the late-Gothic Belfry and right next to it, the neo-Gothic St. Jacob and St. Agnes Cathedral. The next point of the route is the Ziębicka Tower from the 14th century and another – the historic building of the Weigh House. From here, we go to the Triton Fountain, modelled on the work by Bernini, in order to complete the route in the Baroque St. St. Peter and Paul Church and admire trompe l’oeil polychromes.

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